The half helmets are very comfortable to wear, but they offer little protection. On the contrary, the full face helmets are very protective, but you may not get the required ventilation or comfort. So, what is the solution to this problem? The solution to this problem is available as Flip-Up Helmet. The Flip-Up Helmets are also known as modular helmets. Are you interested in learning more about them? Go ahead and check out the information below.

What is a Flip-Up Helmet?

Flip-Up Helmets are hybrid helmets that are placed between the half helmets and full face helmets. Flip-Up Helmets offers you the best of both worlds. The Flip-Up Helmets have movable chin protection. So, just like you lift the visor of the full face helmet, in the case of Flip-Up Helmets, you can lift the chin protection along with the visor. This way, the Flip-Up Helmets provides you with the optimal level of protection, and these helmets also provide you with the required comfort since you can drink or get ventilation without having to remove the helmet. When it is too hot, or you don’t want to wear a full face helmet, you can flip up the guard and use the Flip-Up Helmets as an open helmet. If you want full protection, you can flip down the chin guard and use the Flip-Up Helmets as a full face helmet.

Flip-Up Helmet Pros & Cons

Pros of Flip-Up Helmet

  • Best of Both – When you buy a Flip-Up Helmet, you get the best of both worlds. You get the openness associated with the half helmets and the protection associated with the full face helmets.
  • Ventilation – The amount of ventilation offered by Flip-Up Helmet is phenomenal. If you are getting sweaty or if you are feeling hot, all you need to do is that you need to flip up the chin guard. This allows a lot of air in. Apart from this, the Flip-Up Helmet also has regular ventilation holes, allowing ample air when the chin guard is flipped down.
  • Protection – In 20% of accidents, the chin suffers a massive impact. Having a Flip-Up Helmet will ensure that you are using a chin guard, which will also protect your chin. So, the Flip-Up Helmet offers better protection when compared with half helmets.
  • Comfortable – The next thing here is that the Flip-Up Helmets are very comfortable. They have a superior quality foam on them, and the foam also protects you in case of an accident. This is the best part about Flip-Up Helmet.
  • Use While Talking – When you have to talk to your partner or when you have to get some water, you don’t have to take off the Flip-Up Helmet completely. You will only be required to flip up the chin guard, and your job will be done. This is yet another advantage of the Flip-Up Helmet.

Cons of Flip-Up Helmet

  • Expensive – Out of the half helmets, full-face helmets and Flip-Up Helmet, the Flip-Up Helmet are the most expensive ones on the market. They are also slightly heavy because of the additional hinges.
  • Moving Parts – Another disadvantage of the Flip-Up Helmet is that there are many moving parts. With time, some of these parts can fail. In addition to this, some debates mention that the Flip-Up Helmet is less protective because of the moving parts.

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